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Morning's Herald
by James Riopelle ©

I have a friend who wakes me every morn,
Summons the sun as each new day is born
He shoos away the dark and starry skies,
Proclaims the dawn with bold, melodious cries

Then off to scratch his breakfast from the ground
Or find some grain that might be lying 'round.
He struts keeping one eye on hens and chicks
(Protecting them from any dirty tricks).

This much I know from when danger's near--
Face it straight on.  Show not the slightest fear.
And when with some great peril I must cope
For one speck of his courage will I hope.

And so to every man who sees no shame
In hurting fowl in a frivolous game--
I say such cruelty we must reject.
A rooster's earned at least this much respect! 


Don't Crow, Little Red! Chante Pas, Petit Rouge!

Chante Pas, Petit Rouge!

(Don't Crow, Little Red!)

Lyric: Ernie Theriot, Audrey Babineaux George, James Riopelle

Music by Ernie Theriot

Produced & arranged by Ernie Theriot

Performed by Ernie Theriot and the Gris-Gris Band ( from Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana)

Engineered & mixed by Charlie Positerry

Executive Producer: Joe DuBois (past president, COLAA)

Recorded at Olive Studios, Thibodaux, Louisiana

Digital transcription to mp3: Joe Doherty

The Gris-Gris Band--Ernie Theriot (lead vocal & keyboard); Kevin Koike (lead electric guitar); Gerard Melancon (acoustic guitar & bass guitar); A.J. Daigle (fiddle); Tim Stivers (drums, percussion, & harmony vocal); Sammy Naquin (Cajun accordion)

Story art by Becky Theriot

Special thanks to-- Jane Eyrich, Larry Miller, James Hebert, Jane Davis, Nita Heneter, Allen Kalnit, Cookie Theriot, Buddy Domingue, Eric Bienvenu, Jamie Manders DDS,and the Jefferson SPCA


Don't crow, Little Red! Don't sing, my little rooster.
Hide here with me.
They're going to find you if you do it.
Don’t crow, Little Red, don’t sing!

Today is your day at the bloody cockfight.

Parrain and Papa, the'd bet on you tonight.

They' gonna' cuss; they gonna' shout

When the little red rooster doesn't come out.

For a long time we have been good friends.

At morningtime when I am in bed

You love to sing to wake me up,

But don't sing today!

Come see! Viens ici! Mais, come see with me.

We'll hide real quiet all day.

When the night has passed, you'll be safe at last.

You can crow your heart away!

Si tu veux rester en vie, si tu veux pas crever

Don't crow, Little Red, don't sing!                         

(Cajun French)

Chante pas, Petit Rouge! Chant pas, mon gam.

Cache-toi ici avec moi.

Ils vont nous trouver si tu le fais.

Chante Pas, Petit Rouge, chante pas!

Aujourd'hui, c'est ton jour a la térrible bataille de gam.

Godfather and Father, ils parieraient surment sûr toi à soir.

Ils vont jurer et ils vont crier

Quand le petit gam rouge sort pas.


Depuis longtemmps on est bons amis.

Les matins quand je suis au lit

Tu aimes chanter pour me réveiller,

Mais, chante pas aujourd'hui!

Viens voir! Come here! Well, viens voir avec moi.

On va se cacher bien tranquille toute la journée.

Quand la nuit sera fini, tu seras sauvé a fin.

Tu pourras chanter avec tout ton coeur!

If you want to stay alive, if you're going to survive

Chante pas, Petit Rouge, chante pas!


Louisiana was the last state in the U.S. to ban cockfighting.

Join with COLAA to help eliminate cruelty to animals!